Who am I

My name is Pawel Wnuk, PhD and I work as a Data Scientist. My endeavour with data analysis started almost 20 years ago, when I decided that understanding the rules governing the world is something worth studding. For that reason I joined physical studies, which besides providing some fundamental understanding, gave me though lesson how careful and sceptic one should be when analysing and interpreting the results.
After that I decided to dive even deeper into the science, thus I started my PhD studies in physics, which I finished with distinctions ”summa cum laude”. Then for some time I worked as a scientist in various institutes: Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics (Munich, Germany), Warsaw University (Warsaw, Poland), Institute of Physical Chemistry (Warsaw Poland), Ludwig Maximillian University (Munich, Germany), Montana State University (Bozeman, USA), just to name few of them.

I must admit that working as a scientist is very challenging but from other hand rewarding activity. Moreover, setting up exciting experiments (like creating plasma in air or generating hard X-rays with laser) can provide a lot of fun. Nice result of such joyful activity can be watched on YouTube, where inspired by Star Wars, together with my friend, we made a movie, demonstrating how in reality a strong laser pulse (with terawatt power, i.e. 10e12 W) propagates over the air. So now every Star Wars fan now can see and be inspired on how the laser blaster actually travels.

Over many years I was quite successfully working in science (over 30 peer-reviewed articles, almost 50 international conferences, holding 10 patents, here is my Google Scholar profile). Nevertheless, at some time my focus started to drift towards computers and machine learning topics. Shortly I bite a hook and get deep dive into Data Science and Machine Learning. Fortunately, for me transition from my previous activity into Data Science was quite smooth, since the way how the data is treated, how you make hypothesis and verify it, and the way you draw conclusions are similarly rigorous and based on the same principles. The only difference is in the tools used, but those with some mathematical background and some determination could be efficiently grasped.

What I do

On daily basis I work as a Data Scientist. My interest is focused on deeper understanding of the idea of how and why particular machine learning algorithms work thus the name of the page Deep Data. Through my scientific life I developed a feeling that without in-depth understanding of the idea on which you are working you should not expect any spectacular effects.
Thus, before analysing given topic, I always try to understand the idea or mechanism of how the data was generated. Secondly, decision on which tool (algorithm) would be the most appropriate for given task cannot be decided thoughtfully without deeper understanding of the assumptions, limitations and specification of given algorithms.

About this blog

The purpose of this blog is to share with you my personal journey through Data Science quest. Here I will try to provide some hints and hopefully interesting observations and the way I understand the tools and algorithms used in Machine Learning.